Being Human.

As a child, I had a big imagination. I had a sweet tooth. I have since achieved success, felt joy and endured loss. I enjoy nature, food, community, work and rest…. Are these the things that make us most human? They are certainly experiences we all might encounter and which allow us to share stories, evoke feelings and connect to one another.

To be human is to connect to others and to try and improve one another’s lives. To be human is to have sensory experiences…To see, touch, taste, smell and hear. To be human is to crave a purpose or meaning and feel that our time on this Earth matters.

“Maybe our imperfections are what makes us perfect for each other.”

As humans, we are both blessed and cursed…We feel empathy and compassion yet are often divided by our defenses or threatened by differences. It is human to feel competition and fear. However, now more then ever, in the age of technology, what our souls seek most is to nurture our spirits and the human condition: Connection and experiences. Somebody once said, “Maybe our imperfections are what makes us perfect for each other.” THAT is a beautiful idea.

Keith Ferrazzi, New York Times best seller of “Never Eat Alone” insists that emotional well being can be found through a community and sense of belonging. Your legacy will be remembered so long as you care about making a difference, not just making a living.

“There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be the best in the world, as long as you remember that doing so also means wanting to be the best FOR the world.” Keith Ferrazzi.

Humans in Business:

Elevating the human experience in business is statistically proven to raise revenues. Strategies like multi-sensory marketing are being successfully implemented. Multi-sensory marketing uses the senses: scents, colors and sounds which capture customer attention and stir up emotions resonating on a deeply human level. Authenticity and personalisation are especially cherished in todays harsh, digital world.


A successful example of multi-sensory marketing is MasterCard. It’s marketing campaign has been cleverly overhauled to include all five senses! From visual consistency, use of AI, to unique dining events and audio jingles, the brand is now one of the top 10 brands in the world. People not only use the credit card but have positive associations and memorable experiences after using it.

The Human Experience:

“What really matters at the end of life?” A TED Talk by BJ Miller… Comfort, peace and spirituality? He describes how while being close to death in a hospital, a nurse brought him a snowball from outside and at that moment it was all the inspiration he needed to continue… “Sensuous, aesthetic, gratification” was all that mattered.

He asks that we love our time “by way of the senses…by way of the body; the very thing doing the living and dying…Primal, sensoral delights…impulses that make us stay present”. Simply, there is no need for a past or future when you just, “love the beautiful moments.” It puts everything into perspective.

“Love the Beautiful Moments.”

So it is left to us to prioritize what makes us human. Whether it be sensory experiences, mindfulness exercises or just seeking out true connections. What can we do best for ourselves? In life and in business, what can we do best for others?

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Do you wish to help your THINKING process? Find a way to work with your HANDS…

“The most satisfying and powerful way to feel connection is through creative activity. Engaged in the creative process, we feel more alive than ever, because we are making something and not merely consuming.” Robert Greene, Mastery.

Satisfaction can be found in making, writing, cooking or learning because results can be fast! We all like to feel that feeling of accomplishment. There is money to be saved in creating your own products and there is peace of mind knowing exactly what ingredients or processes have been involved.

“Simplifying my Life.”

I began making my own beauty products and feel happy simplifying my life and using natural, cost effective ingredients…

Below find a simple sugar scrub recipe which adds a pot of happiness to all the sinks around my house, saves me money and results in baby soft skin:

Lemon Sugar Scrub Ingredients:

Exfoliant: Any Sugar you have: Granulated white sugar or brown sugar. Finer Sugars are best for Facial Use.

Carrier Oil: Sweet Almond Oil (Light & Non Comedogenic so doesn’t clog skin pores) or any other oil you prefer.

Vitamin E: Acts as a natural Antioxidant/Preseravtive.

Fragrance/Lemon Essential Oil: Fresh Fragrance, Mood enhancing, Skin Brightening, Antibacterial Properties.

Beauty Formulas are officially written as a total weight (w/w %) of 100g and each ingredient makes up a percentage of the total 100. I use a set of scales to weigh the amounts. Larger or smaller batches can be calculated accordingly.

You may adjust the Sugar content and Oil content to the levels you desire for different consistencies, perhaps a thicker and less oily mixture or vice versa. Recommended (w/w %) weight concentration of each ingredient within the whole mixture is as follows:

Exfoliant: Up to 80 % (w/w)

Carrier Oil: Up to 70% (w/w)

Vitamin E: 0.1g/ml.

Fragrance/Essential Oil: Up to 2g/ml.

Hope you enjoy creating this little treat or maybe it has inspired you to create something entirely different? As we work towards our goals we should take time for ourselves, rest and keep moving forwards!

No Days Off.

So in a quest to reach my financial and personal goals, promote self discipline and upgrade my life, I’ve been putting in the time to find out exactly what it’s going to take…Because Monthly Goals are just not enough; It’s those daily habits, over time, that add up quickly!

Today I began a 50 day Challenge where I take daily actions towards my goals. Why 50 days? They say 50 days is time enough to build new habits and create a positive change in your life. Maybe I won’t be perfect every day but I’ll be moving FORWARDS in the right direction.

It’s perhaps a little less 5am Club, more like “showing up” Club… 🙂 Here goes…

My Daily Goals:

Daily 5K walk + (7000 steps+).

Coffee + Gratitude + Evaluate Goals.

Daily Reading 1 Hr. Finance & Business. #atelierbooks

Daily Language Learning + Memorization 1Hr.

Make Time for Passion Projects…Blog & Other.

On my journey to Financial Independence, I’m using my time to invest in myself, check in on my financial goals and track my habits daily. They say the best way to reach your goals is to MEASURE your progress and there’s nothing more satisfying than ticking those goals off the list.

“Measure Your Progress”

Updates to follow… or track my progress over on instagram. How are you getting on with your Personal Finance, Life Goals and Learning? Have a blessed day. 🙂


“Your whole life is an apprenticeship”… A philosophy that helps us to grow and live our best lives.

We are raised by our families; we go to school, college or further education; we settle in jobs with big corporations; place our trust in banks to take care of us but then often stop growing ourselves and lose our way as individuals. The time rolls on as we passively live our lives then wonder why we feel unfulfilled and out of touch with our true selves.

Mastery” by Robert Greene promotes the idea that we must learn to keep developing ourselves and learning new skills. He writes, “In moving towards mastery, you are bringing your mind closer to reality and to life itself.” We must become committed to our own personal “Life’s Task”.

The book talks about a sense of “Destiny” and how you must see every setback, failure or hardship as trial a long the way and as “seeds that are being planted for further cultivation, if you know how to grow them.” It breaks down the skills and actions you need to take in order to master and fulfill yourself.

Greene considers it selfish to merely consume what others create and to retreat into “a shell of limited goals and immediate pleasures”. He instead encourages you to create and express YOUR uniqueness, follow your natural inclinations and the deep desire that stirs you from within.

We all have big dreams, goals and life plans which too often become sidelined by everyday life. Let us DUST OFF OUR DREAMS and choose to prioritize them. Let us keep GROWING as individuals, share our GIFTS and contribute more to this abundant world we live in. “Continue as long as you wish and never stop expanding!”

Top 10 ways to Intentional Living.

My Word for 2021 is “Intentional”. Intentional Living means to live a life that aligns with your values or beliefs. Whether in alignment with your personal or financial goals or developing a lifestyle that you feel connects with you more as a person…here are 10 ways to be more intentional:

1. Vision.

Decide what is most important to you and learn about it. This will give you a starting point and decide what your values, beliefs and goals really are.

2. Goals.

Create Goals for yourself and take the necessary actions to reach them. Your focus should be on your goals and not on anything that doesn’t align with or support them.

3. Boundaries.

Knowing when to say “no”. Particularly if you are trying to reach financial goals, there are many social events or expenses that you will have to say no to. You must think of the long term gains. Remember, everybody is on their own journey and after some time it will all be worth it.

4. Mindset.

Brian Tracy, writer of “Goals” says you can CHOOSE your mindset by saying the words “I am Responsible.” This cancels out any negative thinking and also allows you to take control of your life. How do you want to live it?

5. Question Everything.

Ask yourself, “How does this align with my Future Self or Vision?”. Be single-minded in your pursuits.

6. Self Awareness & Self Reflection.

A little psychology goes a long way… look at your behaviors and ask yourself WHY you buy certain things or why you act in certain ways. Again, if it is not true to you and your personal beliefs then cut it out from your life. Take time to evaluate your life and try to make changes.

7. Mindfulness.

Be mindful of ALL that you consume. This includes food, drink, media and lifestyle… Is it supporting your values? It is influencing you in a way that leads you to live your best life?

8. Limiting Beliefs.

Challenge any limiting beliefs you may have… Ask yourself, if there was nothing standing in my way, how would I act differently? What are your deep beliefs about yourself? Good or bad? Decide that nothing will stop you from succeeding. Take the reigns of your life.

9. Gratitude.

Having a sense of gratitude pulls us back down to earth and lets us be thankful for all the little things we may take for granted. Gratitude helps us to see things more clearly and give us perspective. We become thankful for everything and really appreciate all that we have. We act more intentionally knowing how precious life is.

10. Daily Changes.

Every day we take steps towards an intentional life and we will not always be perfect. So long as we are striving to live consciously and not on autopilot, we are closer to happiness. We can become our best selves and live our life’s task.

11:11 Visualization – Meditation.

11:11… A powerful combination of numbers in the numerology world. They say the number 11 represents synchronicity, spirituality and a connection to a higher self. Today on the 11th of the 11th (November) I chose to tap into my inner self by practicing a visualization-meditation.

Meditation and Visualization are practices I have heard good things about but what really captured my attention was when I read that sports champions like Kobe Bryant use it. Even after injury, they are statistically more successful in competitions after using these techniques. If champions use it to reach their goals then why not visualize and reach our own?

There are already an abundance of meditation courses and apps available such as “Calm” app and “Insight Timer” which are good for guided meditations. I’ve found, however, that I detach most when I simply tune into some meditation music, close my eyes and focus on my breath.

Today’s meditation went a little something like this: I settled into a comfortable cross legged position on the sofa, hands resting gently on legs and began to play some music I discovered “for body and spirit” featuring Tibetan singing bowls.

“Inhale and Exhale”

Inhale and exhale, paying attention to your breath. Slowly imagine gold light or honey is dripping from your head all down to your toes and filling your body with light, love and wealth. (Give it a go!) Inhale new breaths of life and exhale and release any worries or fears you may have. Clear your mind. Imagine gold light is shooting out from your abdomen and you are sharing good energy with the world.

Once you feel content, begin to visualize a happy day in your perfect ideal life. Take time over every detail until it feels real. Remember you are practicing the feeling of success in your future life. It may take some time to really uncover what you want…

Once happy with your visualization, slowly reduce the music, open your eyes, and take more slow breaths. Roll your shoulders, check your posture and stretch a little to come back to the present moment. It may feel intense, tiring or distracted at first. For extra emphasis, write down on paper exactly what you visualized and as you make it a regular practice you can compare your earlier notes.

I am not certified in meditation but I recommend this practice as it centered my thoughts, goals and focus while inducing relaxation. By detaching and really channelling in on what you want from life you are preparing your body for those good things to come!

Why don’t you give meditation and visualization a try today on 11:11? Maybe this time next year, all your dreams will begin to come true!

Simple Joys.

20 simple joys I am blessed and grateful for… Thank you God for this new day and for all of these blessings.


A Thoughtful Phone-Call or Message.

Fresh Clean Bedsheets and Pillows.

Fresh Flowers.

A Clean, Organized Home.

Getting lost in a Good Book.



Cute animals.


Hot Water.



Fresh Baked Bread with Butter.

Cozy Loungewear.

Safe Working & Living Conditions.

Beautiful Sunsets.

Stylish Clothes.

A healthy Body.

Family & Loved Ones.

Why not write down a list of 20 simple joys you are grateful for today?

Have a blessed day!


When a book lights a fire inside you, you know you’re onto a good thing. “Relentless” by Tim. S. Grover does exactly that. I almost feel I am training with him, centered and completely focused on results!

With anecdotes of the elite athletes Tim has worked with such as Michael Jordan and insights into his sports training and mental training, you really tune into your killer instincts and desire to succeed like a champion.

“Everything you need to be great is already inside you. All your ambitions, and secrets, your darkest dreams…they’re waiting for you to just let go.”

The mindset and practice of such accomplished athletes can be translated and used for your own goals and take you to the next level:


You only need to think of the end result. It is all that matters, not the instant gratification along the way. How do we do this? You get in the zone, you shut out everything else and you know exactly who you are. You keep pushing yourself harder when everyone else has had enough.

Inner Confidence:

Michael Jordan knew his skills and knowledge were so finely tuned that he could dominate any situation. They say, he worked so long and hard that his body and mind reflexively knew what to do at all times. He commands that others bring the same excellence to their performance that he demands of himself.

Consistent & Persistent:

Michael Jordan didn’t work on being flashy, he worked on being consistent and he worked on it relentlessly. Again, emphasis is placed on the long term payoff versus instant gratification.

“What would you have to Sacrifice to get what you really want?”

What would you have to sacrifice to get what you really want? Your social life? Relationships? Credit Cards? Free time? Sleep? Now you must decide what you are willing to sacrifice. If the two lists don’t match up, then you don’t want it BADLY ENOUGH.

Mental Toughness:

Mental Toughness is what ultimately makes you unstoppable. This is where your true work begins – understanding what you want to achieve and knowing what you will endure to get it.

“I’m going to be relentless in my Pursuit of Excellence.”

Ask yourself where you are now and where you want to be instead. Ask yourself what you’re willing to do to get there. Make a plan to get there. Act on it. There are no shortcuts.

Addicted to Results:

Being the best at what you do means engineering your life so that you NEVER STOP until you get results and then you keep going until you get what’s next. And then you go for even more. RELENTLESS.

“Every dream you imagine, everything you see and hear and feel in your sleep, that’s not fantasy, that’s your deep instinct telling you it can all be real. Follow these visions and dreams and desires and believe what you know. Only you can turn these dreams into reality. Never stop until you do.”

Tim goes to say that the greatest battles you will ever fight are with yourself, and you must always be your toughest opponent. Always demand more of yourself than others demand of you.

All in all, this book left me feeling inspired and energized. We will always meet roadblocks along our path to success but books like this light the way and give us strength to continue following our dreams. Say hello to financial freedom!

Any thoughts you’d like to share on Relentless? Soon to be announced on instagram, #Atelierbooks November Read!

Are You Wealthy?

September’s read, “The Millionaire Next Door” highlights the lifestyle habits of America’s wealthiest families… Let’s review how they typically follow a lifestyle conducive to accumulating money:

1. They live well below their means.

2. They allocate their time, energy and money efficiently in ways conducive to building wealth.

3. They believe that financial independence is more important than displaying high social status.

Determine if You’re Wealthy:

The rule goes… Multiply your age by your realized pretax annual household income from all sources except inheritances.

Divide by 10.

This, less any inherited wealth is what your net worth should be!

Like the book states, “It is never too late to become an accumulator of wealth.” In order to change, you must really want to change. It is about financial planning, controlling purchasing behavior and even, “Cold Turkey.”

Favourite Quotes:

“Whatever your income, always live below your means.”

“It is easier to purchase products that denote superiority than to be actually superior in economic achievement.”

“Financially independent people are happier than those in their same income/age cohort who are not financially secure.”

“Invest 20 percent of realized income into financial assets that tend to appreciate in value, without generating realized income…tax free municiples, tax sheltered real estate and stocks with unrealized gains.”

“…Never weak of heart and always ran a highly productive, low cost operation.”

“Good health, longevity, happiness, a loving family, self reliance, fine friends – If you have five, you’re a rich man. …Reputation, respect, integrity, honesty and a history of achievements!”

“Money is the icing on the Cake.”

All in all the book is a detailed study on America’s Wealthiest, their lifestyles, attitudes and spending habits. It inspires with statistics of self made millionaires and emphasizes that building wealth takes discipline, sacrifice and hard work.

The book may surprise with its portrait of a typical millionaire and also show us that wealth and financial independence are within our reach if we choose to have it.

Please share what you enjoyed about this book and how it has inspired your own wealth building journey! Hope you’ve already got a copy of October’s new read…”Relentless”…

Budget Basics.

How to Budget:

Even the idea of “budgeting” can be daunting for some. It’s recommended to track your spending for one or two months before compiling your budget. You will have a clearer idea of your various incomes and expenses and be ready to present them clearly.

Be aware that seeing the numbers laid out in front of you may be shocking at first. You will face your spending habits head on but take it as an opportunity to start over with your finances and look for ways to retain more of your hard earned cash.

Income – (Expenses) = Net Income.

When first starting to budget, it may be easier to do pen and paper style budget sheets but if there are variables each month it is easier to simply update those individual figures in a spreadsheet. The recurring figures will not require to be updated this way. Excel Spreadsheets have various ready made budget templates for free.

Ultimately you want to tabulate a list of your Incomes: Salary, Side Hustle, Dividends, Sales and other sources. Next, a list of your Expenses: Electricity/Phone Bills, Transport, Groceries, Entertainment, Loans and Credit Cards. The income minus the expenses is your Net Income.

Budgeting Musts:

“Emergency Fund.”

If not already included, add an “Emergency Fund” category where you will direct some of your income for life’s unexpected expenses. This way you avoid impulse spends on your credit card.

In addition, if not already, add a “Savings” category. You should be putting away minimum 10% or more of your income straight away on Payday. Even if you are paying down debt, it is still a good idea to “pay yourself first” as much as you can. Meanwhile, aim to pay 10% of Debts.

Divide more expensive costs over a period of months. For example, anything from hobbies, to equipment to recurring beauty treatments. A large recurring expense every 3 months can be split into three budgets in advance instead of one lump sum. Consider it installed savings towards your personal goalsalso known as “sinking funds”.

“Sinking Funds”

Be realistic and accurate with your figures. Don’t underestimate the food and grocery budget so that you cannot stick to it and go wildly above budget. At the same time, don’t over estimate your costs when you could direct your cash towards something better.

Consider the 50/30/20 Rule which directs 50% of your income to living expenses, 30% on wants and 20% on savings and debt repayment. Review your budget often and allow for adjustment. Look at what categories are too high; look for ways to cut expenses and increase your savings.

“Peace of Mind…”

Take comfort in your budget knowing exactly what you spending on and how much. A budget gives you control of your finances, controls your spending and provides you with peace of mind on your journey to Financial Freedom.