Being Human.

As a child, I had a big imagination. I had a sweet tooth. I have since achieved success, felt joy and endured loss. I enjoy nature, food, community, work and rest…. Are these the things that make us most human? They are certainly experiences we all might encounter and which allow us to share stories, evoke feelings and connect to one another.

To be human is to connect to others and to try and improve one another’s lives. To be human is to have sensory experiences…To see, touch, taste, smell and hear. To be human is to crave a purpose or meaning and feel that our time on this Earth matters.

“Maybe our imperfections are what makes us perfect for each other.”

As humans, we are both blessed and cursed…We feel empathy and compassion yet are often divided by our defenses or threatened by differences. It is human to feel competition and fear. However, now more then ever, in the age of technology, what our souls seek most is to nurture our spirits and the human condition: Connection and experiences. Somebody once said, “Maybe our imperfections are what makes us perfect for each other.” THAT is a beautiful idea.

Keith Ferrazzi, New York Times best seller of “Never Eat Alone” insists that emotional well being can be found through a community and sense of belonging. Your legacy will be remembered so long as you care about making a difference, not just making a living.

“There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be the best in the world, as long as you remember that doing so also means wanting to be the best FOR the world.” Keith Ferrazzi.

Humans in Business:

Elevating the human experience in business is statistically proven to raise revenues. Strategies like multi-sensory marketing are being successfully implemented. Multi-sensory marketing uses the senses: scents, colors and sounds which capture customer attention and stir up emotions resonating on a deeply human level. Authenticity and personalisation are especially cherished in todays harsh, digital world.


A successful example of multi-sensory marketing is MasterCard. It’s marketing campaign has been cleverly overhauled to include all five senses! From visual consistency, use of AI, to unique dining events and audio jingles, the brand is now one of the top 10 brands in the world. People not only use the credit card but have positive associations and memorable experiences after using it.

The Human Experience:

“What really matters at the end of life?” A TED Talk by BJ Miller… Comfort, peace and spirituality? He describes how while being close to death in a hospital, a nurse brought him a snowball from outside and at that moment it was all the inspiration he needed to continue… “Sensuous, aesthetic, gratification” was all that mattered.

He asks that we love our time “by way of the senses…by way of the body; the very thing doing the living and dying…Primal, sensoral delights…impulses that make us stay present”. Simply, there is no need for a past or future when you just, “love the beautiful moments.” It puts everything into perspective.

“Love the Beautiful Moments.”

So it is left to us to prioritize what makes us human. Whether it be sensory experiences, mindfulness exercises or just seeking out true connections. What can we do best for ourselves? In life and in business, what can we do best for others?

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