Do you wish to help your THINKING process? Find a way to work with your HANDS…

“The most satisfying and powerful way to feel connection is through creative activity. Engaged in the creative process, we feel more alive than ever, because we are making something and not merely consuming.” Robert Greene, Mastery.

Satisfaction can be found in making, writing, cooking or learning because results can be fast! We all like to feel that feeling of accomplishment. There is money to be saved in creating your own products and there is peace of mind knowing exactly what ingredients or processes have been involved.

“Simplifying my Life.”

I began making my own beauty products and feel happy simplifying my life and using natural, cost effective ingredients…

Below find a simple sugar scrub recipe which adds a pot of happiness to all the sinks around my house, saves me money and results in baby soft skin:

Lemon Sugar Scrub Ingredients:

Exfoliant: Any Sugar you have: Granulated white sugar or brown sugar. Finer Sugars are best for Facial Use.

Carrier Oil: Sweet Almond Oil (Light & Non Comedogenic so doesn’t clog skin pores) or any other oil you prefer.

Vitamin E: Acts as a natural Antioxidant/Preseravtive.

Fragrance/Lemon Essential Oil: Fresh Fragrance, Mood enhancing, Skin Brightening, Antibacterial Properties.

Beauty Formulas are officially written as a total weight (w/w %) of 100g and each ingredient makes up a percentage of the total 100. I use a set of scales to weigh the amounts. Larger or smaller batches can be calculated accordingly.

You may adjust the Sugar content and Oil content to the levels you desire for different consistencies, perhaps a thicker and less oily mixture or vice versa. Recommended (w/w %) weight concentration of each ingredient within the whole mixture is as follows:

Exfoliant: Up to 80 % (w/w)

Carrier Oil: Up to 70% (w/w)

Vitamin E: 0.1g/ml.

Fragrance/Essential Oil: Up to 2g/ml.

Hope you enjoy creating this little treat or maybe it has inspired you to create something entirely different? As we work towards our goals we should take time for ourselves, rest and keep moving forwards!


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