“Your whole life is an apprenticeship”… A philosophy that helps us to grow and live our best lives.

We are raised by our families; we go to school, college or further education; we settle in jobs with big corporations; place our trust in banks to take care of us but then often stop growing ourselves and lose our way as individuals. The time rolls on as we passively live our lives then wonder why we feel unfulfilled and out of touch with our true selves.

Mastery” by Robert Greene promotes the idea that we must learn to keep developing ourselves and learning new skills. He writes, “In moving towards mastery, you are bringing your mind closer to reality and to life itself.” We must become committed to our own personal “Life’s Task”.

The book talks about a sense of “Destiny” and how you must see every setback, failure or hardship as trial a long the way and as “seeds that are being planted for further cultivation, if you know how to grow them.” It breaks down the skills and actions you need to take in order to master and fulfill yourself.

Greene considers it selfish to merely consume what others create and to retreat into “a shell of limited goals and immediate pleasures”. He instead encourages you to create and express YOUR uniqueness, follow your natural inclinations and the deep desire that stirs you from within.

We all have big dreams, goals and life plans which too often become sidelined by everyday life. Let us DUST OFF OUR DREAMS and choose to prioritize them. Let us keep GROWING as individuals, share our GIFTS and contribute more to this abundant world we live in. “Continue as long as you wish and never stop expanding!”


Published by rachel@thelifestyleatelier

Sharing a journey, to visualize and curate your dream life. Joy, Abundance and Financial Freedom.

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