11:11 Visualization – Meditation.

11:11… A powerful combination of numbers in the numerology world. They say the number 11 represents synchronicity, spirituality and a connection to a higher self. Today on the 11th of the 11th (November) I chose to tap into my inner self by practicing a visualization-meditation.

Meditation and Visualization are practices I have heard good things about but what really captured my attention was when I read that sports champions like Kobe Bryant use it. Even after injury, they are statistically more successful in competitions after using these techniques. If champions use it to reach their goals then why not visualize and reach our own?

There are already an abundance of meditation courses and apps available such as “Calm” app and “Insight Timer” which are good for guided meditations. I’ve found, however, that I detach most when I simply tune into some meditation music, close my eyes and focus on my breath.

Today’s meditation went a little something like this: I settled into a comfortable cross legged position on the sofa, hands resting gently on legs and began to play some music I discovered “for body and spirit” featuring Tibetan singing bowls.

“Inhale and Exhale”

Inhale and exhale, paying attention to your breath. Slowly imagine gold light or honey is dripping from your head all down to your toes and filling your body with light, love and wealth. (Give it a go!) Inhale new breaths of life and exhale and release any worries or fears you may have. Clear your mind. Imagine gold light is shooting out from your abdomen and you are sharing good energy with the world.

Once you feel content, begin to visualize a happy day in your perfect ideal life. Take time over every detail until it feels real. Remember you are practicing the feeling of success in your future life. It may take some time to really uncover what you want…

Once happy with your visualization, slowly reduce the music, open your eyes, and take more slow breaths. Roll your shoulders, check your posture and stretch a little to come back to the present moment. It may feel intense, tiring or distracted at first. For extra emphasis, write down on paper exactly what you visualized and as you make it a regular practice you can compare your earlier notes.

I am not certified in meditation but I recommend this practice as it centered my thoughts, goals and focus while inducing relaxation. By detaching and really channelling in on what you want from life you are preparing your body for those good things to come!

Why don’t you give meditation and visualization a try today on 11:11? Maybe this time next year, all your dreams will begin to come true!


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Sharing a journey, to visualize and curate your dream life. Joy, Abundance and Financial Freedom.

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