Simple Joys.

20 simple joys I am blessed and grateful for… Thank you God for this new day and for all of these blessings.


A Thoughtful Phone-Call or Message.

Fresh Clean Bedsheets and Pillows.

Fresh Flowers.

A Clean, Organized Home.

Getting lost in a Good Book.



Cute animals.


Hot Water.



Fresh Baked Bread with Butter.

Cozy Loungewear.

Safe Working & Living Conditions.

Beautiful Sunsets.

Stylish Clothes.

A healthy Body.

Family & Loved Ones.

Why not write down a list of 20 simple joys you are grateful for today?

Have a blessed day!


Published by rachel@thelifestyleatelier

Sharing a journey, to visualize and curate your dream life. Joy, Abundance and Financial Freedom.

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