5 Interior Design Features to Add Value.

What story does your property tell?

Perhaps it has a great view, great lighting or beautiful features which you want to emphasize. Maybe you want to lead the eye from inside-out, create an inside-outside living space or draw people to the heart of the home, the kitchen.

Whether you are staging, selling or redecorating you should consider your target market based on the area and the style of property you are working with.

Consider your property not only from your own eyes but from a buyers perspective. The goal is to add class and attract future buyers or renters as the case may be.

1. A Polished Luxury Feel.

Use quality materials such as marble and brass fittings particularly in the kitchen and the bathrooms.

Take care of details such as flooring and tiles; they should be aesthetically pleasing but also hard wearing.

Freshly paint the walls for an instant makeover.

2. Tidy & Minimalistic.

De-clutter the property by creating plenty of storage space. In smaller spaces, you will have to get creative and make secret storages wherever possible.

Ensure to create a clear, open and welcoming entranceway which makes a big first and lasting impression.

3. Light, Neutral, Space.

A neutral palette is preferred. By keeping the decor classic, it remains timeless and individual buyers can visualize putting their own stamp on the property.

Use clever design details such as lighting and mirrors to promote a sense of spaciousness and brightness around the property.

Consider renovation: knock a wall down if feasible to create an open plan space.

4. Tech/ Eco-Friendly Features.

Incorporate smart features and tech additions to update the property and align it with the digital age. For example, a music system seamlessly fitted into every room of the property.

Also consider, features such as solar panels, climate control and heated flooring to add personalization and comfort.

5. Amenities.

This could be anything from a pool, tennis courts, fitness centre or spa, BBQ area or terrace, depending on the size of your property.

Such amenities within the property adds luxury and gives all the more reason to spend your time and money there.


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