The 80/20 Rule.

The 80/20 Rule also known as “Paretos Law” explains that twenty percent of the people will own 80 percent of the income and wealth in any economy, at any time.

They say this rule equally applies to wealth building… 20 percent of wealth creation is about making plans and taking action. The other 80 percent is due to Accountability and not just to yourself.

So, find yourself that someone, a loved one or mentor to be accountable to and who will keep you on track.

“You and you alone get to Decide Your Financial Future.”

The 80/20 rule shows us that financial wealth may be imbalanced but it is NOT PREDESTINED…Ding! Lightbulb moment!

Life is always about choices. “You and you alone get to decide your financial future.” -Gary Keller.


Published by rachel@thelifestyleatelier

Sharing a journey, to visualize and curate your dream life. Joy, Abundance and Financial Freedom.

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