Joy. What is a dream life if it is not joyful? They say there are three types of joy which we can find from pleasure, passion and purpose.

Let us live a life where we find joy in both the ordinary and the extraordinary to increase our joy all round. From a simple summers day to time spent with loved ones, to a beautiful and rare jewel or to enjoying life’s successes.

“Happiness comes from Making Progress…”

Joy and happiness go hand in hand… Happiness comes from making progress in whatever we choose to pursue in this life. Let us follow our passions and find purpose, meaning and success. What gifts do we each have and what paths are we here to follow?

Ultimately, joy can be found all around us if we choose to seek it and it will remain in our hearts if we keep choosing it and fighting for it.


Published by rachel@thelifestyleatelier

Sharing a journey, to visualize and curate your dream life. Joy, Abundance and Financial Freedom.

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